Chemical Peels


$50 | $125 for a package of 3  *may be added to any service for $40

Despite its mild formula, this PH appropriate light strength beta peel can easily penetrate and clear clogged pores particularly with repeated use. The gentle concentration of Salicylic Acid 10% does not peel beyond the stratum corneum (the most superficial layer of the epidermis) making it the perfect treatment for individuals with both sensitive and congested skin conditions.


$50 | $125 for a package of 3 * may be added to any service for $40
The TCA  peel reveals fresh, glowing skin with moderate downtime and peeling. It can effectively treat mild to acute acne due in part to its powerful anti-bacterial properties. Fine lines and wrinkles as well as an uneven and blotchy complexion can all be successfully treated with the TCA peel. This well-rounded treatment, like all TCA peels, is best suited for experienced users who have tolerated acids in the past.


$50 | $125 for a package of 3 *may be added to any service for $40
Reveal clear and luminous skin with the gentle, yet effective AHA Kojic Acid peel.  This peel is a great first step for individuals who wish to progressively address clarity and pigmentation concerns without the risk of irritation.


$200 | $550 for a package of 3
Perfect for mild to moderate skin imperfections, as determined by your Esthetician, to smooth the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and roughness. Noticeable results after just one peel, compelling results after three to six peels.